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Google Cloud partners with decentralized oracle

Supra, a provider of decentralized oracle solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud.

The partnership will enable Supra to leverage Google Cloud’s global network, data centers, and computing power to deliver high-quality data to its users and clients.

By partnering with Google Cloud, Supra will be able to access Google Cloud’s premium APIs and data sources, such as Google Finance, Google Trends, Google Maps, and more.

This will allow Supra to provide faster and more accurate price feeds for various assets and markets, such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, forex, etc. Supra will also leverage Google Cloud’s low-latency and high-bandwidth network to deliver real-time data to its users and clients.

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Supra is a blockchain-based platform connecting smart contracts with real-world data sources, such as market prices, weather, sports, etc. Supra’s oracles are powered by a network of independent node operators who provide data and verify its accuracy and timeliness.

Supra’s prophets are designed to be scalable, secure, and cost-efficient. They can be used in defi, gaming, insurance, and other industries.

Google Cloud is one of the world’s leading cloud computing providers, offering services such as infrastructure, analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Google Cloud supports blockchain projects and platforms like Chainlink, Theta Network, Hedera Hashgraph, and Dapper Labs.

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