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Circle’s EURC Stellar Integration Now Available To Optimize Trading

EURC Stellar Integration Expands Trading Capabilities

EURC, akin to its USDC counterpart, is a fiat-backed stablecoin, ensuring a 1:1 redeemability for euros under a full-reserve model. Stellar becomes the third blockchain platform to accommodate EURC at its inception.

The EURC Stellar integration ushers in a digital representation of the euro, offering businesses and developers a versatile global digital currency that capitalizes on Stellar’s speed, affordability, and reliability. EURC transactions can occur around the world 24/7 with low costs and near-instant processing times, empowering businesses and developers to provide real-time foreign exchange and remittance services, even to those without access to traditional banking services.

Ripio Is The First to Offer EURC on Stellar Wallet

Rachel Mayer, Circle’s VP of Product Management, emphasized their commitment to financial inclusion and innovative payment solutions. Already, the EURC Stellar integration has garnered the attention of ecosystem companies. Ripio, a prominent crypto firm in Latin America expanding into Spain, has become the first to incorporate EURC on Stellar into its wallet application, enabling users to deposit and withdraw euros seamlessly.

This development signifies a step forward in promoting accessible, efficient, and low-cost financial services, with Stellar at the forefront of facilitating these advancements.

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