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XRP Ledger Sidechain Xahau Now Live in Mainnet

Xahau Network, an experimental sidechain in XRP Ledger ecosystem and a pioneering network with fully operable Hooks, successfully launched in mainnet. This is the first viable blockchain for the XRPL community that accomplished smart contracts functionality.

Big day for smart contracts on XRP Leger: Xahau Network live in mainnet

Xahau Network, a Hooks-enabled sidechain of XRP Ledger, launched its mainnet version today, Oct. 31, 2023, at around 3:00 p.m. (UTC). The protocol was in development for over two years.

Hello World! pic.twitter.com/CvjRkqkzop

— Xahau Network (@XahauNetwork) October 31, 2023

Its team shared the screenshot of the codebase of its mainnet client software. It displays 15 active “proposers” (validators) and 20 peers connected to the blockchain.

In the first hours of its operations, blockchain works very fast compared to XRPL mainnet as its transactional volume remains low. Per its official explorer on XRPL.org, Xahau Network adds a new block every three seconds.

By press time, over 32,000 blocks have been already confirmed by Xahau Network validators.

XRP Ledger enthusiasts noticed that Xahau Network launched in mainnet in the very day Satoshi Nakamoto published a Bitcoin (BTC) whitepaper 15 years ago.

What’s next for DeFis and NFTs on XRP Ledger?

As covered by U.Today previously, largely, the XRPL community is optimistic about the launch of the Xahau Network. The auction was launched to fund Xahau independent node, RPC endpoints and a community-driven validator.

Also, some XRP fans foresee that the implementation of DeFi functionalities – starting from native AMM mechanisms – will be accelerated with Xahau mainnet activation:

Xahau Network is live! AMMs will still be delivered on the XRPL and likely ahead of time. Ripple and Independent Devs know what they are doing. Bear market drama can be entertaining, but it’s time to relax and let the professionals do their thing

“Regular” AMM proposal on XRPL only scored 17.4% of the required consensus as of press time.

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