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Spielworks Enhances the WAX Ecosystem with Atomic Hub Acquisition

In a strategic move aimed at fortifying the WAX ecosystem and propelling Web3 gaming forward, Spielworks, a prominent blockchain entity bridging the gap between Web3 and conventional gaming, has announced its acquisition of the Atomic Hub NFT marketplace.

Safeguarding and Advancing the NFT Landscape

As part of its expansive roadmap, Spielworks intends to not only conserve but also foster the growth of Atomic Hub and its related products. The acquisition facilitates the seamless integration of Spielworks’ Wombat wallet and the $WOMBAT token with Atomic Hub’s platform, consolidating both entities’ offerings.

Capitalizing on Atomic Hub’s Prowess

Spielworks recognizes the immense potential in harnessing Atomic Hub’s pre-established NFT capabilities. This includes activities such as NFT asset browsing, trading, and collecting. By doing so, the blockchain leader aims to redirect more of its community to explore the offerings of Atomic Hub across different networks, including EOS and Immutable X.

A Glimpse into Spielworks’ Impressive Portfolio

Spielworks stands as a pillar in the blockchain gaming arena, registering an exponential growth that boasts over 3.8 million sign-ups and a daily user base of 65,000. Its vibrant ecosystem houses the Wombat app, a multifaceted tool serving as a wallet, crypto incentive platform, and a launchpad for over 100 AA and AAA-supported Web3 and traditional games. Additionally, the ecosystem proudly presents the Wombat Dungeon Master, a leading NFT staking game with an impressive count of more than 1.5 million staked NFTs.

A Visionary Perspective from the Helm

Adrian Krion, the visionary CEO and co-founder of Spielworks, shared his enthusiastic outlook on this merger. “With the combined strengths and expertise of both Spielworks and Atomic Hub, we foresee an invigorating future. Our shared mission is to redefine the paradigms of asset trading and Web3 gaming, aiming to establish a novel industry benchmark,” Krion remarked.

With this acquisition, the horizon looks promising for the blockchain gaming landscape, with new avenues of exploration and innovation poised to reshape the future.

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